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The Kedaung Group is an unconsolidated federation of over 30 companies. Since its inception in 1969 with the establishment of PT. Kedaung Industrial Ltd., the KIG group has progressed at amazing speed over the year to become one of the dominant global leader in glassware manufacturing today. From supplying its rapidly growing domestic market over 200 million people in its early days to the Group's current ability to penetrate and service market accros the globe, KIG has always pride itself on its well known reputation for being able to supply a wide variety af quality producs at the most competitive price. The Group produces 1,200 tons of glass (eqivalent to around 8 million pieces every day); its exiciting range of more than 2,500 items is aggresively marketed to a successful network of over 500 buyer in 120 countries worldwide. Because of its numerous overseas marketing offices and through active participation in international trade show each year, KIG Group is able to ensure that as much as 50% of its products reach appreciative customers in place as far flung at the U.S.A, Canada, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East, the Pasific region, Ocenia, Australis, Africa and South America. Incorporating the latest state-of-the-art glassmaking technology from Germany, Italy, France and the U.S.A., the KIG Group has increased its production capacity for 70 lines, thus doubling its production capacity since 1989, to accommodate the ever increasing demand for quality product from a number of prestigious clientele worldwide such as WAL-MART, WOOLWORTH, IKEA, CARREFOUR, DOLLAR GENERAL, HERO, MATAHARI, LOTTE MART, and many other.

To cope with increasing demands as well as to meet the logistical challenges of cross country distribution, the Group opened factories in defferent locations as below:



Located in Langgeng Sahabat Insdustrial Estate in Cikande, with its 20 hectare location, the company has increase its production capacity and additional efficiency due to the onsite provision of power plant, clean water supply and a waste treatment capacity. The site also providing housing, a polyclinic and a mosque for its employees.



Founded in 1973, Kedawung Subur is located in the Rungkut Industrial Estate and in close proximity to Kedaung Indah Can and Kedaung Surya. This is the second largest company in the Kedaung Group and one of the flagships in the Group’s offensive into international and domestic markets.



The company is a forerunner in its fields of sandblasted and luster coloring glass tableware. In 1993 the factory discontinued its press machines to concentrate on higher profitability blow machines technique.



In order to facilitate the demand and distribution of glassware in Sumatera, Kedaung Medan Industrial was formed in 1979. In addition to its range of glass tableware, Kedaung Medan Industrial also specialized in the production of different sizes of decorative glass blocks commonly used as a building material.

In anticipate of the importance of the export market, Kedaung Group has estabilished a new plant in Alexandria and Cairo, Egypt, which started to operate in 2009.

The Group has chosen Egypt, since it has a strategic location to better strengthen our Middle East, European and US market, as well as gaining international leadership in glassware market.